2009 - Search for architect Hertzberger's character


de Volkskrant

'Herman Hertzberger, the architect, is carefully listening to Die Schöpfung by Haydn and then notes: ‘Architecture is surely a terrible blunt trade. Dragging around with concrete blocks, trying to make something out of it. The art of music and the art of painting are so much finer and more precise. The documentary ‘Ik zag ruimte' by director Kees Hin shows Hertzberger (77), one of the most important Dutch architects, who is both a moderate and proud man. ‘It is quite something’, he says, walking through one of his most famous buildings (Centraal Beheer, Vredenburg, Chassé Theatre) that he has designed. The humble meant comment about the rudeness of architecture shoots the wrong way for documentary maker Hin. To see music as the highest form of art, is exaggerated modesty, according to Hin. ‘They only have to write down a few notes, while you work with downright earthly means; that is just as beautiful’, he he comments to Hertzberger. ‘You need not play my psychiatrist’, he answers.'

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de Volkskrant, 30.10.2009