1968 City of Amsterdam Award for architecture: the Students' house Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1974 Eternit award: 'Centraal Beheer' office Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
1974 Fritz-Schumacher award: entire oeuvre
1980 A.J. van Eck award: 'Muziekcentrum Vredenburg' Utrecht, the Netherlands
1980 Honourable mention Eternit award: 'Muziekcentrum Vredenburg' Utrecht. the Netherlands
1985 Merkelbach award, city of Amsterdam award for architecture: Apollo Schools Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1988 Merkelbach award, city of Amsterdam award for architecture: 'De Evenaar' school Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1989 Berliner Architekturpreis, city of West Berlin award: Lindenstrasse/Markgrafenstrasse housing project in Berlin, Germany
1989 Richard Neutra Award for 'Professional Excellence
1991 Betonprijs (Concrete Award): Ministry of Social Welfare and Employment, The Hague
1991 Berlage Vlag (Berlage Flag), Dutch award for architecture: Ministry of Social Welfare and Employment The Hague,the Netherlands
1991 Premio Europa Architettura, Fondazione Tetraktis award: entire oeuvre
1991 BNA kubus (award of the Association of Dutch Architects): entire oeuvre
1993 Prix Rhénan 1993, European architecture award for school buildings: school 'Schoolvereniging Aerdenhout Bentveld' Aerdenhout, the Netherlands
1998 City of Breda Award for Architecture: Library and 'De Nieuwe Veste' - Centre for Art and Music (Music and Dance department) Breda, the Netherlands
1998 Premios Vitruvio 98 Trayectoria Internacional: entire oeuvre
2000 Scholenbouwprijs 2000 (School Building Award 2000): Montessori College Oost Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002 Leone d'Oro for the Best Foreign Pavilion of the 8th International Architecture Biennale of Venice, Italy
2004 Architectuurprijs Apeldoorn 2004 (Architectural Award Apeldoorn 2004): CODA - Cultuur Onder Dak Apeldoorn (museum, library and municipal archives), the Netherlands
2004 Oeuvreprijs Architectuur (Oeuvre Award for Architecture) of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB)
2004 Scholenbouwprijs 2004 (School Building Award 2004): secondary school 'De Titaan' Hoorn, the Netherlands
2005 Arie Keppler Award 2005: secondary school 'De Titaan' Hoorn, the Netherlands
2006 Prize awarded by the public of the Stentor Apeldoornse Courant: extension/renovation of Theatre and Congress Centre Orpheus Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
2012 Royal Gold Medal by the Royal Institute of British Architects