2009 - Searching for Space, a film about the architect Herman Hertzberger

Kees Hin, Maarten Kloos

"It was about time a film was made about the architect Herman Hertzberger, his oeuvre and his motives! A cinematic portrait of a socially conscious person. His varied and turbulent life is the source from which he draws and constructs buildings. He does not build a house, a school or a factory for the architecture itself but for the life lived in it. Herman Hertzberger (1932) is undoubtedly one of the most important Dutch architects. What has defined his style? What ideas can one trace back in his architecture? How are the buildings changing, how are they going to change? Does he still believe in his almost utopian ideas or did he form a new, different idea on the malleability of society?"

On this page you can see a fragment of the film. Order the entire film here.

Kees Hin, Maarten Kloos, 2009