2009 - Vredenburg in 'Place of Memory'



Thirty years after the spectacular opening in 1979, the special building of architect Herman Hertzberger, the Music Centre Vredenburg in Utrecht has been partly demolished, because of the regeneration program. In the nineties, the municipality of Utrecht decided to have an urban renewal for this area. Inhabitants of Utrecht could choose from two plans. A majority chose an ‘Enlarged Heart of the City', as a development direction for the train station area. As a result, the public pedestrian area and the small hall of Vredenburg were up for demolition; only the Great Hall would be preserved, because the hall is praised for its acoustics and round shape. Herman Hertzberger was commissioned to design a new building. The remaining Great Hall is will remain its position in a new Music Palace, along with four other halls. The construction of the palace has just begun, and the architect regards back and forward in this short special by the VPRO.

VPRO Geschiedenis 24, 2009