Students draw Centraal Beheer

© Matt Weinberg.

Students make beautiful drawings and concept art of the Centraal Beheer office building.

The now 45 years old building still triggers many students to elaborate on in their design studios. All the more relevant now that the building will be repurposed as apartments with all kinds of communal services and meeting spaces. The 3D renderings were made some years ago in 2010 by Christian Robles, Diego Gonzalez and Sara Herranz. They made the model by determining the dimensions of one of the concrete blocs. In that way they could very cleverly trace back all dimensions of the entire building. The concept art drawings were made by Matt Weinberg.

© Christian Robles, Diego Gonzalez and Sara Herranz

© Christian Robles, Diego Gonzalez, Sara Herranz and Christian Robles

© Matt Weinberg

© Matt Weinberg