OVT radio about the closure of the Drie Hoven

Drie Hoven

You hope to have a nice old age together with your housemates and then you hear that your home will be closed.

You will have to relocate, alone, if a place becomes available elsewhere. That is what happened to the very elderly residents of the Drie Hoven, the home of less than fifty years old, that is said to no longer meet the demands of today. And what happened to the Drie Hoven happens to countless homes. For 2020, no fewer than 800 must close their doors. Filmmaker Marijke Schonewille made the documentary 'Uitgewoond' about the closed home that will go online from March 11. She is a guest together with architect Herman Hertzberger and former resident Miep Loots.

Listen to the broadcast of 10 March 2019 on the OVT site (Dutch only)

Text: OVT